Things I am all about right now

It’s been a dreary week this week. Grey and rainy, perfect for hiding inside and keeping cozy. Perfect evenings to knit and watch tv! And afternoons spent playing boardgames with Little Bear while he waits for his brother to get home from school. It’s nice. Here are some other things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week:heart

  1. Cartoon Network Fluxx – Little Bear loves playing Fluxx! It’s a fun easy card game where the cards you play make the rules as you go. We have a couple of editions of this game, but this one is my favourite. Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time and more… it’s just so cute! I want to pick up the Adventure Time one too, this is a perfect game to play in the tent while camping.
  2. This Paperclips from Freckled Fawn – These are so fun. I got them to add to some pages in my Project Life album for a fun way to embellish and emphasis. This!
  3. Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ in Nude Beige – My favourite lipstick!!! It’s just so creamy and smooth and well pigmented. I am a big fan of mascara and Nude Beige is the perfect colour to accompany a dramatic eye. But it’s also great for everyday wear – I basically wear it like lipgloss. Most nudes are too brown or too peach for my skin tone, but this one gets it just right.
  4. My TNA Sea-to-Sky Sweater – Perfect for when it’s chilly, but not winter jacket cold. I like the inspired by traditional Canadian knitwear pattern and it’s great to throw on to grab the kids from the bus stop.
  5. Coffee Crisp – The kids got a ton of these in their Halloween bags and I might be hoarding them. Whenever I grab one I think of those old commercials – “How do you like your coffee? I like my coffee crisp!
  6. Project Life Notes & Things Value Kit – This kit is packed with nice things. All that gold foil and pink! The cards are perfect and I love the little embellishments and can’t stop using them.


I took myself to the mall on Monday for a coffee and boot shopping for B (and Christmas ornament peeping) and saw this new Starbucks travel mug. I love it! I am a big fan of cheerful coffee vessels and miiiight just have to add this to the collection.

Sock Knitting Champ

IMG_9348I am pretty good at knitting socks. I mean, I’ve regularly taught people how, so I can’t be that bad, right? But I am not super into sock knitting. Probably because I don’t really like wearing them. It’s a lot of little stitches for something I don’t wear. 


Lately though, I’ve been all about the warm socks. And with that, sock knitting. I saw these socks that Susan B. Anderson is knitting on Instagram and was in sock love! And I even had some Arne & Carlos Regia kicking around my desk! I supplemented the colourways I had with a few more and set out to knit. So fun!

IMG_9473I cast on 32 stitches from the toe up for and increased to a simple 64 stitch stockinette sock with an afterthought heel on 2.5mm Addi Sock Rockets (my #1 favourite needle). Every 10 rows I switched the colourway I was working with for a new one. I had 5 colours in total. It was so magical to watch knit up! Now I keep grouping my (very small) sock yarn stash into possible stripey scrappy sock piles. Sock love! The Arne & Carlos stripes so nicely together.IMGP9662

Loving Project Life!!!


It’s been a while – life has been busy! Between work and fun and sleep there’s not a lot of time, but now that both of my boys are in school (well, one is just in the mornings, but still!) I have a bit more time to myself. Not gonna lie, sometimes I get them to the bus stop and go right back to sleep to recharge a bit.


I’ve also developed a new crafty love – Project Life! I’ve never really been into scrapbooking, but this is different. But not really – it’s still an embellished album with pictures. It’s pretty fun. But it’s simpler and more fun. I really needed something to work on that was creative but not yarn related – I still love knitting and all things fibre, but sometimes I just need a break. Project Life is perfect! It combines my love of taking pictures of everything with pretty paper & stickers (don’t even get me started on my love for Thickers!) and cutting and pasting.


It’s pretty cool – you get an album, I’m working in 6×8 right now, but I might go bigger. Then you get some page protectors that have pockets made for their core kits. The Project Life core kits are so fun!! There are so many to choose from. I just picked up the Cottage Living one and LOVE it. I am all about pinks and gold accents right now so it’s perfect.


I am also really into documenting all the fun things we do. It’s really important to me to have lots of fun in life. We had a great summer of so many adventures and now we can actually pull an album off the shelf and look back on it instead of having piles and piles of photos on my computer. I don’t have any real plan when I sit down to work on my albums – I just start adding photos and pictures and roll with it. Some people work on weekly or monthly spreads but I like to just get it all out there. I use a bit more of a story approach which as I get more caught up I’d like to get into a bit more. So far I have the summer all done and am caught up through late September, so not bad!


Coconut Cherry Energy Bar Party

1389244_747001675360106_1726048148_n Yesterday I had my tri-monthly nutritionist check in. It went ok. After a lot of false starts and giving up, I feel like things are finally where they should be in the past month and a bit.  A huge component of that is regular gym going. It’s easier to eat well for me when I am going to the gym because I don’t want to do all that work to destroy it with all the cake…. maybe. No seriously – it’s harder to eat bad when you are spending time working on yourself. Also, small gym victory – did my arms day on the free weight side yesterday instead of the machines! I always feel a little apprehensive because it’s more work than just sitting in a machine and thrashing about. But I went with some basic exercises I know and weights a bit lighter than I’d normally go with so I could start out on the right foot.

I am going to be sad when the kids are not in swimming lessons Monday-Thursday because it’s going to be harder to get in going to the gym. But I am going to make it work. I like checking in with the nutritionist because I leave with tweaks and suggestions to work towards being awesome. And it’s part of the MS Clinic I see my brain doctor at (in two weeks, eek) so it’s someone familiar with the particular challenges and concerns related to MS.

Anyways, yesterday I made myself a batch of my favourite bars. I love the book Power Hungry. It’s full of great recipes for bars. I have this problem when I go to the store to get some bars for on the go or whatever and they are all coated in a million pounds of chocolate. And it’s not even good chocolate, it’s that gross thin fake energy bar stuff that has a strong chocolate liqueur flavour. I try to avoid dairy-based saturated fats and if I was going to ignore that, I’d do it for ice cream, not fake chocolate coating. So I was pretty excited to see this book a while back.

I made the Moonbeam bars, which are based on Luna Bars. I really like this recipe. You can find it on this website (it’s the second one) along with two other really great ones from the book.  I’ve made them both and liked them a lot. I need to get some stuff to make the carrot cake Lucy Bars! I make my Moonbeam bars with coconut and chopped dried cherries. So good. Ryan found them a bit dry, but I think a touch more nut butter will make that right. You need to press these down a lot, but it’s worth it. The book is full of ideas and tips to customize the bars and adjust substituting ingredients There is a great range of bars from knock-offs of popular bars, energy dense bars, gels, paleo and gluten free and more!

Skulls and lace nails


The other day I was looking through my nail polishing supplies and came across some french nail decals (kind of like these, but with a lace pattern) from Essence. I had picked them up from Shopper’s forever ago and forgot about them. But they gave me an idea. I pulled out my mini gel nail lamp, and my favourite barely there shade Victorian Lace from the Orly for Quo gel line. I did a base coat, a sheer coat of Victorian Lace, french nail decal and then top coat with a cure after each coat of polish. Except for my ring fingers. I love a good accent finger. I did the three coats, but skipped the nail decal. Before curing the third coat, I placed a metal rhinestone skull charm on each nail that I had bought at some point. After a curing, I put more topcoat around the charm and cured it to help the charm really stick. My favourite thing about gel polish is how the curing process really sets charms and rhinestones. Voila, fancy skull and lace nails.