• Owlet

    The other exciting thing this week is that I have an adorable pattern in the Winter Petite Purls that just came out.


    Knit in worsted weight yarn these mittens are pretty quick and seriously cute. They can be knit with long or short cuffs and with or without an i-cord string to keep them together. The best part is that they are sized all the way up for big hands too!

    You can see the pattern for exact measurements and all that info. I am particularly partial to the palm patterning.

    Here’s a link to the Ravelry page.

  • Little Monster Hat!

    This is just a quick post (my computer is still broken so I am stealing Ryan’s computer for a quick bit) to say that my newest pattern, for the Little Monster Hat, is now up on Ravelry!

    It’s a super cute and super quick hat sized all the way from baby to large. I used the yarn B picked out at Michaels, and it worked really well for this hat. It’s so soft and squishy!

  • I’m in Knitty!

    So my newest pattern, Cuckoo, is in the new knitty that went up today. It might take a while to load for the next couple of days on the site.

    So exciting!

    It’s an intense colorwork mitten based on cuckoo clocks and bits and pieces of traditional mitten design. The yarn is from the Loopy Ewe Solid Series (robin’s egg and blackberry – light blue and dark purple is one of my favorite analogous color combos.) and it was a delight to work with! I am particularly in love with the palm pattern, the alternating flowers and hearts in traveling hexagons.

    Here’s the ravelry link.

  • Skelemitts

    I did not expect to have these done so soon. I am too used to knitting mittens on tiny needles (I seriously have some on 0s right now – I swore I’d never use needles that small!) so I did not expect this pair to knit up as quick as they did.

    Knit in the round using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (I love these greens together) these are some pretty cool (warm!) mittens. With a tight ribbed cuff to keep out the wind and bold graphic skeleton graphics on the mitten, these are perfect for the fall, with Halloween right around the corner. Not only are these skeleton mittens, but instead of knuckle bones, there are some bad-ass brass knuckles. With cutesy hearts for a bit of balance of course. These mittens show who’s in charge.

    The pattern is available here on Ravelry or here on Etsy

    Also, I am having a HALLOWEEN SALE!

    From now until October 31st buy the Skelemitts pattern found along with the Memento Mori Mittens pattern found for only $6! Just add both to your cart and the rest will be taken care of at checkout!

  • Free Knitting Pattern: OMG BFF bracelet

    So one day I was frogging a pair of mittens I was unsatisfied with the size of. As I got to the bottom, which was braided, I thought “Hey, this looks just like a friendship bracelet.” You know, like the ones you spent hours knotting away at in elementry/middle/junior high school (except this one is quicker). And so I bring to you a quick  and fun pattern (only 6 rows other than cast on and off!) for a cute bracelet perfect for the BFF in your life. Or to keep for yourself and show off your knitting skills.

    Click here for the omg bff_bracelet pattern (right click → save as to save)

    This pattern is a great way to use up and show off bits of yarn! Since it’s such a small project it’s a great way to practice techniques such as knitting in the round and colorwork, as well as learn a cute braided technique which is a great addition to any mitten!

    Instructions are included for worsted and fingering weight bracelets and include photos. Materials needed to complete the bracelets are as follows:

    Worsted weight:
    US 6 (4.0mm) double pointed needles
    About 10y of worsted weight yarn in Main Color
    About 5-10y or worsted weight yarn in Contrasting Color
    Sock/fingering weight:
    US 1 (2.25mm) double pointed needles
    About 10-15y of sock/fingering weight yarn in Main Color
    About 5-10y of sock/fingering weight yarn in Contrasting Color
    For both:
    A yarn needle to weave in the ends